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Sales Dish of the Day: LEARN System

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Introducing the Advantages magazine Sales Dish of the Day, a new feature to our blog where we unveil a new sales tip, advice or informative excerpt 5 days a week in the hopes that it will help you do business better. Hope you enjoy!

Got an angry client on your hands? Use the LEARN system:

  • Listen. Let them say what they need to say without interrupting.
  • Empathize. Let them know that you understand how upsetting or frustrating the situation is.
  • Apologize. Apologize for what went wrong, even if it’s not your fault directly. Letting them know you are sorry is always a good step.
  • React. Either fix the problem or try and make it right for your client.
  • Notify. Ensure that whatever happened this time doesn’t happen again and make it clear to the client that what you understand what their needs are.



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