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Hot Product of the Week: Plastic Twist-Off Top

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I hate drinking beverages from an aluminum can. Of course, if I have to I make sure that I clean the top really well, you know like with the end of my shirt and a little spit or something because who knows what kind of bacteria collects in those silver crevices. Anyway in my world, bottles rule.

But that may change thanks to our latest Hot Product of the Week!

Introducing the ingenius Plastic Twist-Off Top! (Ewinwin asi/53333), compliments of Advantages’ Beach Product Showcase.

Details: Plastic twist-off top fastens onto aluminum beverage cans to preserve carbonation. The top dome portion carries imprint. Comes in a variety of glow-in-the-dark colors.

Why We Like It: No longer do I have to lick my shirttails after cracking open an aluminum can of beer! As long as I’m carrying one of these around, I just snap it on and pour it down. No more worries about catching swine flu, botulism or mad cow disease! And best of all, if I’m nursing that mighty 12 oz. beer like an Amish freshman then I can put the cap back on and save it for later without losing any carbonation. How great is that! Oh, and it glows in the dark??? RAD!!!


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