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Hot Product of the Week: Nylon Fanny Pack

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Fanny packs to me have always been a turnoff, no matter how utilitarian they can be. Something about the way it wraps around your waist, the bulbous protruding sack, the zipper … i dunno, it just looks ridiculous to me. Call me crazy but I’d rather stuff valuables down my sock than get caught wearing a fanny pack.

That is … until now!

Behold perhaps the greatest advancement in fanny pack technology since it’s inception … the Nylon Reflective Fanny Pack (Behar Marketing/My Bag asi/39511), this week’s coveted Hot Product of the Week! (Compliments of Wearables’ Safety Product Showcase.)

Details: This nylon fanny pack offers a convenient space for belongings and a reflective yield symbol on the front pouch. The pack features a zippered top opening with rain flap, side zipper pockets and an adjustable belt. Available in a variety of bright colors. Perfect for: evening dog walkers and joggers.

Why We Like It: Look at this thing. Just LOOK AT IT. Not only do I want to wear it while I’m jogging or walking a dog, but I feel this overwhelming need to don a cape and tights and wear it to work. It’s a “Geek” atmosphere back here at Team Central, and this product speaks to us in supernatural ways. Utilitarian? Who cares when you’re wearing a superhero’s codpiece!

— BATwing

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