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Hot Product of the Week: Polo Pup

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Dog clothes. Clothes … for dogs. Yes, folks, it’s not a fabrication, but a fact. People love to primp and preen their pooches and dress them up in everything from polyesther to polos. And now, there are promotional products to prove it. (Holy alliteration!!!)

Introducing the “Polo Pup” (S&S Activewear asi/84358), a new ringspun cotton shirt for that discriminating pooch in your life, compliments of Wearables Dog Apparel Product Showcase.

Details: Dress a dog for an afternoon on the golf course with this light blue polo. On Molly, this miniature version of corporate America’s favorite casual Friday shirt is made of 100% combed ringspun cotton; it also has a two-snap placket closure on the front and double-needle stitched rib binding on the leg holes. It’s a look that’s great for any outdoor event. Product number 3924, sizes XS-L, four colors.

Why We Like It: Not only did I not know clothing for pets was so popular that it merited a line of stylish polos made from the finest fabrics, but apparently dogs also play golf. Man, who knew? So the next time “Molly” gets that jones to hit the links, be sure you’ve got a few of these polos set aside. Greens fees can be exorbitant these day, but not nearly as bad as the ridicule that comes with golfing in your birthday suit.

–vin D-O-Double-G

Hot Product of the Week: Poo Paper

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One of my all-time favorite Rodney Dangerfield quotes, from the movie Back to School:

“Ya gotta look out for Number 1, but dont step in Number 2!”

Classic Rodney. But just about any joke referencing bodily functions usually sticks, no matter who’s delivering it. Which brings me to this week’s Hot Product of the Week, which is definitely no joke!

Introducing Odorless Poo Paper! (Spector & Co. – asi/88660). Made from elephant droppings, this paper will change the way you look at poop — as well as paper — forever.

Details: Did you know that an average elephant produces 220 pounds of dung everyday? Where does all that poo go? Well, some of it gets turned into paper. This hardcover journal contains 32 sheets of 100recycled paper made from elephant poo. Don’t worry. It’s odorless ? we promise. Consider selling to waste management companies.

Why We Like It: A promotional product … made out of poop? OK, ordinarily I could put a period at the end of that sentence and be done with it because that’s reason enough. But because of the earth-friendly implications, it’s doubly good. Instead of chopping down trees, maybe one day paper’s only requirement will be a bunch of shovels and some enormous pachyderms. We can dream, right?


Hot Product of the Week: Plastic Twist-Off Top

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I hate drinking beverages from an aluminum can. Of course, if I have to I make sure that I clean the top really well, you know like with the end of my shirt and a little spit or something because who knows what kind of bacteria collects in those silver crevices. Anyway in my world, bottles rule.

But that may change thanks to our latest Hot Product of the Week!

Introducing the ingenius Plastic Twist-Off Top! (Ewinwin asi/53333), compliments of Advantages’ Beach Product Showcase.

Details: Plastic twist-off top fastens onto aluminum beverage cans to preserve carbonation. The top dome portion carries imprint. Comes in a variety of glow-in-the-dark colors.

Why We Like It: No longer do I have to lick my shirttails after cracking open an aluminum can of beer! As long as I’m carrying one of these around, I just snap it on and pour it down. No more worries about catching swine flu, botulism or mad cow disease! And best of all, if I’m nursing that mighty 12 oz. beer like an Amish freshman then I can put the cap back on and save it for later without losing any carbonation. How great is that! Oh, and it glows in the dark??? RAD!!!


Photos: ASI Radio’s 50th Show

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Confetti, cake, champagne, CEO … with all these c’s, there must be something to celebrate, right?

Indeed! ASI Radio celebrated its 50th show this morning with tremendous fanfare. And they just happened to invite yours truly. And I had a camera. ‘Nuf said. Enjoy!

— wingCAM

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews discusses a hot industry topic with Supplier Global Resource Editor Michele Bell during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

The cake presented to the ASI Radio gang in celebration of their 50th show.

Managing Editor Joe Haley gives Advantages’ Editor Kathy Huston the horns as she pours champagne.

ASI Radio engineers Steve “Chinstrap” Hawk and Samantha “Lil Spice” Bathe before the start of the 50th show.

ASI Radio engineer Chinstrap at the controls.

The ASI Radio gang during the 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents the ASI Radio gang with a cake commemorating the 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents the ASI Radio gang with a cake commemorating the 50th show.

Managing Editor Joe Haley discusses some industry news during the 50th ASI Radio show.

Editor Andy Cohen dishes the industry news during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews hands out cake commemorating ASI Radio’s 50th show.

The gang at ASI Radio share a laugh during their 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews talks industry news during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

Ad Specialties Across America – The Interactive Map!

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In May’s issue, Counselor magazine sought to prove just how versatile promotional products can be with their Ad Specialties Across America feature. They reported on events that occurred over the past six months in each of the 50 states and showed exactly how ad specialty items were used at all of the events. It’s an awesome read that we highly recommend.

But we here at ASICentral wondered, how can we make the electronic version even better? The answer: An interactive online map. We’ve got all 50 states represented in one cool, easy-to-use map. Just mouse over or click on a state to find out how promotional products are being used. It’s really cool with great animation and graphics! The page also contains the three videos for the feature — Spring Break in Florida; a Rodeo in Texas; and a State Pen in Pennsylvania — that gives a little taste of what went into the creation of this feature.

As an added benefit, depending on which state you log onto Central from you will be served a rotating homepage panel of that state’s information. In other words, if you click on the homepage of ASICentral from, say, Santa Fe, NM, you will get the an event panel specifically for the state of New Mexico. It’s totally rad!

Everyone at Team Central worked really hard on this project and we’re pretty stoked about it. Let us know what you think by commenting below or emailing us at feedback@asicentral.com.

— VINteractive

Hot Product of the Week: Nylon Fanny Pack

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Fanny packs to me have always been a turnoff, no matter how utilitarian they can be. Something about the way it wraps around your waist, the bulbous protruding sack, the zipper … i dunno, it just looks ridiculous to me. Call me crazy but I’d rather stuff valuables down my sock than get caught wearing a fanny pack.

That is … until now!

Behold perhaps the greatest advancement in fanny pack technology since it’s inception … the Nylon Reflective Fanny Pack (Behar Marketing/My Bag asi/39511), this week’s coveted Hot Product of the Week! (Compliments of Wearables’ Safety Product Showcase.)

Details: This nylon fanny pack offers a convenient space for belongings and a reflective yield symbol on the front pouch. The pack features a zippered top opening with rain flap, side zipper pockets and an adjustable belt. Available in a variety of bright colors. Perfect for: evening dog walkers and joggers.

Why We Like It: Look at this thing. Just LOOK AT IT. Not only do I want to wear it while I’m jogging or walking a dog, but I feel this overwhelming need to don a cape and tights and wear it to work. It’s a “Geek” atmosphere back here at Team Central, and this product speaks to us in supernatural ways. Utilitarian? Who cares when you’re wearing a superhero’s codpiece!

— BATwing


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