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On-Demand Learning Is Here!

Filed under: Education

Distributors and Decorators, listen up!

ASI Education has launched an online campus that provides educational courses and information for the promotional products professional. Our Online Learning is the most convenient way for you to get educated, and the on-demand, self-paced courses are the perfect way to learn more about the advertising specialty indstry. You get to learn when you want at your own pace!

The way this works is you go to the following link (http://www.syberworks.com/asicentral/) and register (must be an ASI member) an account, then follow the directions. The lessons are planned out neatly and the interface is extremely user friendly, so you never lose your way. The first track, New Distributor Education, has commenced and the following course and lesson are now available.

Course: Getting Started in the Advertising Specialty Industry.

Lesson 1: Researching Products and Suppliers.

So what are you waiting for?! Log on and learn now!

For more information, including upcoming Lessons, click here.


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