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Hot Product of the Week: Keychain Battery Charger

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The ad specialty industry is not all stress balls, water bottles and pens, y’know! In fact, some of the coolest, most useful and innovative products are conceived in this industry, which leads to our latest Blog feature: Hot Product of the Week!

Each week we here at Team Blog will pick out our favorite product from the current product showcases on ASICentral, whether it’s for utility, design, innovation, etc … essentially whatever floats our boat, and we’ll present it right here in all its glory.

This week’s pick: The Keychain Battery Charger by Pingline (asi/78137).

Details: Keychain battery charger works on almost all lithium-ion batteries. Just remove the battery from a phone, camera, etc.; adjust the connectors on the charger to fit the battery; and plug the charger into a USB port.

Why We Like It: I mean, c’mon what a great idea! Who hasn’t been out and about when either your cell phone or camera battery kicks it and you can’t snap a pic or send a text right when you need it most? If you’ve got one of these thingies snapped to your keychain, problem solved baby! Sure, it’s another annoying thing to carry around and, if you’re like me, you probably already resemble a high school janitor with all the crap dangling from your keychain, but what’s one more?!

— keychainGANG


  1. Irene Owen Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find some 8-Balls with a customized floating message inside?

    Friday June 5, 2009
  2. Johhn magno Says:

    Prime resources

    Wednesday June 10, 2009
  3. Corine Solberg Says:

    I’ve got a client looking for Under Armour Performance Polos. Anyone know of any suppliers carrying Under Armour?

    Friday June 12, 2009

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