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Shop Around the Clock!

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ASI now offers around-the-clock shopping with the new ASI Store!

All member types — distributors, suppliers and decorators — can easily purchase a variety of ASI’s award-winning digital and print products, including ESP Online, the industry’s #1 online research tool. Potential members can also apply online for membership, and customers can pay for all items offered currently by using a major credit card, making the purchase process faster and more convenient.

This feature has been months in the making, and it’s pretty sweet. I personally witnessed gray hair forming before my eyes on the heads of Team Members Crack and Spice (well, maybe not Crack’s). So if you’re interested in purchasing any of ASI’s many items, then take advantage of the ASI Store today. You won’t be disappointed!


Hot Product of the Week: Do The Robot

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Like blue jeans, caffeine fixes and text messaging, some thing’s just never get old or go out of fashion.

Or like when you’re at a club and the DJ’s spinning some electronic tune and suddenly someone busts out some classic “Robot” moves and wows the crowd! If you can pull that off the way Crack does when he goes clubbing, then it’ll never get old. Period.

Which brings me to our latest Hot Product of the Week! compliments of Counselor‘s May Product Showcase.

This Week’s Pick: Do The Robot by CleggPromo (asi/45450).

Details: Maybe it’s not quite as popular as the “bunny hop” or the “chicken dance,” but “the robot” still has legs on the club scene. This dancing robot promises to bring down the house and bring to light the logo of your clients. Clubs will line up to get this product in the door.

Why We Like It: A promotional product geared toward the club scene that does “the robot”?! Are you kidding me, what’s not to like? (And not only does it dance like Crack, but it kinda looks like him too. So there’s that added benefit.)

– mrROBOTo

On-Demand Learning Is Here!

Filed under: Education

Distributors and Decorators, listen up!

ASI Education has launched an online campus that provides educational courses and information for the promotional products professional. Our Online Learning is the most convenient way for you to get educated, and the on-demand, self-paced courses are the perfect way to learn more about the advertising specialty indstry. You get to learn when you want at your own pace!

The way this works is you go to the following link (http://www.syberworks.com/asicentral/) and register (must be an ASI member) an account, then follow the directions. The lessons are planned out neatly and the interface is extremely user friendly, so you never lose your way. The first track, New Distributor Education, has commenced and the following course and lesson are now available.

Course: Getting Started in the Advertising Specialty Industry.

Lesson 1: Researching Products and Suppliers.

So what are you waiting for?! Log on and learn now!

For more information, including upcoming Lessons, click here.


Hot Product of the Week: Keychain Battery Charger

Filed under: Hot Product of the Week

The ad specialty industry is not all stress balls, water bottles and pens, y’know! In fact, some of the coolest, most useful and innovative products are conceived in this industry, which leads to our latest Blog feature: Hot Product of the Week!

Each week we here at Team Blog will pick out our favorite product from the current product showcases on ASICentral, whether it’s for utility, design, innovation, etc … essentially whatever floats our boat, and we’ll present it right here in all its glory.

This week’s pick: The Keychain Battery Charger by Pingline (asi/78137).

Details: Keychain battery charger works on almost all lithium-ion batteries. Just remove the battery from a phone, camera, etc.; adjust the connectors on the charger to fit the battery; and plug the charger into a USB port.

Why We Like It: I mean, c’mon what a great idea! Who hasn’t been out and about when either your cell phone or camera battery kicks it and you can’t snap a pic or send a text right when you need it most? If you’ve got one of these thingies snapped to your keychain, problem solved baby! Sure, it’s another annoying thing to carry around and, if you’re like me, you probably already resemble a high school janitor with all the crap dangling from your keychain, but what’s one more?!

— keychainGANG

Poll: How Socially Networked Are You?

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I’ll admit it, in the past year I’ve become somewhat of a social networking geek. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo, Ning, MySpace … I’m out there, baby, and lovin’ every minute of it! (WARNING: More bad pop culture references might lie ahead.)

But if you asked me a year ago what social networks I subscribed to, my answer would be only LinkedIn. I fought the social networking pressure with the poise of a prizefighter, but ultimately succumbed when the weight of morbid curiosity became too much to bear. And now I am addicted like the millions and trillions of others who have jumped onto the social networking bandwagon within the last year. Which leads me to the point of all this … how do you compare with the social networking trend?

We’ve set up a multiple-choice poll on central asking the following question:

Do You Use Social Networking Sites Now Compared to One Year Ago?

Call it more morbid curiosity, but we’d like to know where our users stand. Take the poll by clicking on the following link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=5IJDE4D0zq8x4ZUjNk3NJA_3d_3d

Or just click on the image below:


New Supplier Search

Filed under: site updates

Rejoice, ASI members, the NEW Online Register® is now live!

The “Find A Supplier” area of ASICentral – which allows you to quickly locate an ASI Supplier – has been improved and it sure is sweet! Now, when a supplier places an ad in the print Register®, their listing in the supplier search on ASICentral.com is also updated, including logo, quick contact link and premium placement. 

You can now view actual ads, rate a supplier more easily, access contact information and web site, and much more! If you haven’t already checked it out, click here! (NOTE: Must be logged in.)


ASICentral Open Question

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Let’s change things up a bit. For months now, we’ve posted news, site updates, poll results, etc … just about everything you need to know about what’s new with asicentral.

But now, we want to hear from you! Just answer this simple question below by leaving a comment, or you can email us at feedback@asicentral.com.

If You Were A Promotional Product, What Would You Be?

Reasons why are not necessary … but are encouraged (purely for entertainment purposes!).



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