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Bloopers: The Lighter Side of ASI-TV

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Here at ASI, we film thousands of hours of video most of which ends up on the cutting room floor never to see the light of day … until now!

Ladies and gentlemen, ASICentral Team Blog is proud to present to you Bloopers: Not Seen on ASI-TV! which contains some of our most outrageous and hysterical video outtakes from the past year. Don’t miss:

  • The Joe Show’s Joe Haley wearing a hot, sexy gold jacket two sizes too small (must’ve been cold in the studio that day, eh Joe?! Oooh!)
  • Advantages’ Editor Kathy Huston befuddled yet again by technology (yes, Kathy, the red light on the camera does mean it’s recording)
  • Counselor Managing Editor Andy Cohen doing his stoic best to remain serious among his goofier colleagues

And the highlight that brings it all home …

  • Editor in Chief Melinda Ligos showing off her cheerleading chops with a cute little dance routine to the tune of, what else but “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.


— CuttingCrew


  1. Hafed Says:

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    Saturday October 20, 2012
  2. Fernanda Says:

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