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ASICentral Video Now on YouTube

Filed under: site updates, Video

Hey, if Obama Girl, The Star Wars Kid and the band OK Go can do it, why not ASICentral?! I’m talking about putting video on YouTube and riding the wave to fame and fortune!

Well, maybe not fortune, but here at ASICentral we’re all about fame, taking advantage of the latest technology and trends and using them to market and spread the ASI love. The ASI TV love, that is!

Hoping to expand our horizons, we are now putting all our videos on YouTube. Check out our cool new YouTube video channel here and if you’d like to get updates on when we post new media, click the yellow “Subscribe” button in the upper-left corner of the page.

Now, for some of the benefits of YouTube:

  1. Exposure. By putting all our videos on the largest video sharing website on the planet we increase our potential audience exponentially. Through the very nature of surfing YouTube, there’s no telling who might stumble upon our videos … and love them (or hate them or both! as my college professor once said, “There’s no such thing as negative publicity!”)
  2. Community. Our new ASICentral YouTube channel is a breeding ground for community interaction. Watch videos, share ’em, comment on ’em, send them to friends, email us … it’s all here on our channel page!
  3. Playlists. Just interested in one specific type of video, like the Joe Show? All our videos are separated out in playlists and are accessible individually or in one video player.
  4. It’s a free service. OK, this one’s more a benefit to us, but what the hell right?
  5. Viral phenomena. By being on YouTube this is what could happen, the potential for our videos to gain widespread popularity through Internet sharing (see three examples above).

Best of all, we’ll eventually be implementing YouTube custom video players onto the site so that you can watch ASI TV without ever having to leave ASICentral. And who knows, if Joe Haley of The Joe Show fame ever decides to model a new line of promotional product speedos, we just might have our newest Internet sensation here at ASI.


ps — take a look at an example of a “viral phenomena” below. remember this video from a few years back? over 45,000,000 views! the song really wasn’t all that great but the band decided to film a catchy video for it and the next thing you know these guys are doing the treadmill dance on letterman! crazy. yeah, it’s like that.


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