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Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

Filed under: General

OK, I just had to post this …

I’ve got a brand-new keyboard, promotional-product style! It has the downtown Vegas strip imprinted right onto the keyboard, complete with the famous Vegas “Welcome” sign, dice and skyline. So sweet, and it’s courtesy of, well who really knows, it just looked really cool and I had to have it no matter what. Have a look below!

Despite being ergonomically evil (my wrists are aching after only half a day) and completely inconsistent with my last keyboard (this post is taking a lot longer to write than it should), it’s got a secret lift-up compartment under the keyboard to store anything, including pens, car keys or illegal contraban! (Whoops, should i have revealed this? Of course I should’ve, I’ve got nothing to hide, right Spice?).

And best of all it’s got a spinning roulette wheel in the top center whose function I cannot figure out. But it makes a really annoying sound if you spin it a lot, perfect for programmers sitting next to you. And if I ever figure out what it does, I won’t tell ya. Deal?



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