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Geeks @ASICentral

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One thing that’s not lacking here at the home offices of ASICentral is geekiness, both at work and at play. Sure, we’re all technically inclined and knowledgable when it comes to developing and maintaining the website, but outside of work we’re all pretty geeky too.

Crack likes taking photos, Spice is into the afternoon soap opera thing, and I dig on horror movies (especially the really bad ones that are so bad they’re good).

But Chinstrap is our geek. And his passion is beer! So much so that he has competed two years in a row in the esteemed Philly Beer Geek competition, billed as a contest “to reward the individual who exhibits the greatest universal knowledge and passion for Philadelphia Beer.” Having been last year’s runner-up, ‘Strap had his eye on the prize in 2009 and was prepared and ready to bring it home last night at the Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant in Philly. And the rest of ASICentral was there to root him on!

Unfortunately for ‘Strap, or the “Human Growler” as he’s known as in beer circles, he came up short again and finished as a co-runner-up to a very deserving Nate “Nugget Nate” Gefvert. It was a tremendous fight and although Nate’s strong early round performances in the beer trivia and taste-testing helped carry him to the title, we all know the name of the individual who brought the house down last night, and it wasn’t Nugget.

By far the performance of the night went to ‘Strap and his petite fiancee Crystal who assisted during the “Propose to Your Favorite Beer” round. Donning a beer costume that covered almost her entire body, Crystal approached a crouching ‘Strap who proceeded to propose to her as if she really were a beer! It was so good, even one of the judges Joe Sixpack paid homage to the magnificence of the performance in his blog today. With lines like “We ended up spending lots of time together, at parties, tailgating and concerts,” and the crowd-pleasing “I brought you home and you let me tap that. I’ve been in love ever since” we all thought you had this thing wrapped up!

Anyway, we’re all proud of the ‘Strap today here at ASICentral. A toast to our geek, our Human Growler … we all know who won last night, big guy.




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