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ASICentral is on Twitter

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For those of you on Twitter, you probably need no further explanation — ASICentral now has a Twitter account and you can follow us by clicking here.

But for the throngs of microblogging neophytes and naysayers — this includes you, Michele Bell — I’ll give you a quick rundown of what Twitter is and the benefits of the feature.

Twitter is billed as the fastest-growing social networking application in cyberspace and it’s built on a single premise: What Are You Doing Now?

Twitter users can let others in their online community know what they are up to by sending short, punchy posts — or “Tweets” — via their computer or cell phones. The recipients can then respond back with their own tweets. Best of all, posts can be only 140 characters long so there’s an emphasis on brevity.

Still confused? OK, lemme drop a hypothetical on ya:

Some of the ASICentral contingent attended the ASI Show NY this past week to set up the Radio Show broadcast.  They also got to have fun and socialize with all the others at the show. The following could be some of the tweets we send:

  • “Radio Show Day 1 archive now live! Listen here”
  • “asi show floor is packed …”
  • “Hanging with ’30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan in Times Square!”

And yes, you can include links in your tweets!

So, that’s Twitter in a nutshell. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on what the gang here at ASICentral is up to, what we’re working on, how we’re feeling, etc … then click here to join. If you’re already a member, then start following us now.

And for a video tour of Twitter, don’t miss this YouTube video, Twitter in Plain English.


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  1. Luana Says:

    Last one:It’s been a while, I’ve lost my smile.I’ve given myself, to my dnmoes for a time.I’ve felt great joy, and gut wrenching pain,Somewhere in the middle, I thought I’d lose my mind.But, it’s always darkest,just before dawn I’ve suffered the night,and I’ve got to move on.I’ve braved through the winter,of my true discontent.Now, I’m back on the path,for the purpose which I was sent.I can never forget you,like breath you gave me life.You gave me purpose and strength,when I’d lost my will to fight.I thought I’d never recover,when your soul was called home.I felt the stranglehold of death,as it gripped at my soul.I thought I’d lost my purpose,and my will to survive.Then I recalled your beautiful voice,saying: “Daddy, please don’t cry.”No longer in bondage,to the pain of this world.You’ve been given new life,now you’re God’s little girl.The tears they still fall,and I’m still saddened that you’re gone.Please, remember Daddy loves you.And know your memory lives on.

    Thursday November 12, 2015

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