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Bloopers: The Lighter Side of ASI-TV

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Here at ASI, we film thousands of hours of video most of which ends up on the cutting room floor never to see the light of day … until now!

Ladies and gentlemen, ASICentral Team Blog is proud to present to you Bloopers: Not Seen on ASI-TV! which contains some of our most outrageous and hysterical video outtakes from the past year. Don’t miss:

  • The Joe Show’s Joe Haley wearing a hot, sexy gold jacket two sizes too small (must’ve been cold in the studio that day, eh Joe?! Oooh!)
  • Advantages’ Editor Kathy Huston befuddled yet again by technology (yes, Kathy, the red light on the camera does mean it’s recording)
  • Counselor Managing Editor Andy Cohen doing his stoic best to remain serious among his goofier colleagues

And the highlight that brings it all home …

  • Editor in Chief Melinda Ligos showing off her cheerleading chops with a cute little dance routine to the tune of, what else but “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.


— CuttingCrew

ASICentral Video Now on YouTube

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Hey, if Obama Girl, The Star Wars Kid and the band OK Go can do it, why not ASICentral?! I’m talking about putting video on YouTube and riding the wave to fame and fortune!

Well, maybe not fortune, but here at ASICentral we’re all about fame, taking advantage of the latest technology and trends and using them to market and spread the ASI love. The ASI TV love, that is!

Hoping to expand our horizons, we are now putting all our videos on YouTube. Check out our cool new YouTube video channel here and if you’d like to get updates on when we post new media, click the yellow “Subscribe” button in the upper-left corner of the page.

Now, for some of the benefits of YouTube:

  1. Exposure. By putting all our videos on the largest video sharing website on the planet we increase our potential audience exponentially. Through the very nature of surfing YouTube, there’s no telling who might stumble upon our videos … and love them (or hate them or both! as my college professor once said, “There’s no such thing as negative publicity!”)
  2. Community. Our new ASICentral YouTube channel is a breeding ground for community interaction. Watch videos, share ’em, comment on ’em, send them to friends, email us … it’s all here on our channel page!
  3. Playlists. Just interested in one specific type of video, like the Joe Show? All our videos are separated out in playlists and are accessible individually or in one video player.
  4. It’s a free service. OK, this one’s more a benefit to us, but what the hell right?
  5. Viral phenomena. By being on YouTube this is what could happen, the potential for our videos to gain widespread popularity through Internet sharing (see three examples above).

Best of all, we’ll eventually be implementing YouTube custom video players onto the site so that you can watch ASI TV without ever having to leave ASICentral. And who knows, if Joe Haley of The Joe Show fame ever decides to model a new line of promotional product speedos, we just might have our newest Internet sensation here at ASI.


ps — take a look at an example of a “viral phenomena” below. remember this video from a few years back? over 45,000,000 views! the song really wasn’t all that great but the band decided to film a catchy video for it and the next thing you know these guys are doing the treadmill dance on letterman! crazy. yeah, it’s like that.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

Filed under: General

OK, I just had to post this …

I’ve got a brand-new keyboard, promotional-product style! It has the downtown Vegas strip imprinted right onto the keyboard, complete with the famous Vegas “Welcome” sign, dice and skyline. So sweet, and it’s courtesy of, well who really knows, it just looked really cool and I had to have it no matter what. Have a look below!

Despite being ergonomically evil (my wrists are aching after only half a day) and completely inconsistent with my last keyboard (this post is taking a lot longer to write than it should), it’s got a secret lift-up compartment under the keyboard to store anything, including pens, car keys or illegal contraban! (Whoops, should i have revealed this? Of course I should’ve, I’ve got nothing to hide, right Spice?).

And best of all it’s got a spinning roulette wheel in the top center whose function I cannot figure out. But it makes a really annoying sound if you spin it a lot, perfect for programmers sitting next to you. And if I ever figure out what it does, I won’t tell ya. Deal?


Geeks @ASICentral

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One thing that’s not lacking here at the home offices of ASICentral is geekiness, both at work and at play. Sure, we’re all technically inclined and knowledgable when it comes to developing and maintaining the website, but outside of work we’re all pretty geeky too.

Crack likes taking photos, Spice is into the afternoon soap opera thing, and I dig on horror movies (especially the really bad ones that are so bad they’re good).

But Chinstrap is our geek. And his passion is beer! So much so that he has competed two years in a row in the esteemed Philly Beer Geek competition, billed as a contest “to reward the individual who exhibits the greatest universal knowledge and passion for Philadelphia Beer.” Having been last year’s runner-up, ‘Strap had his eye on the prize in 2009 and was prepared and ready to bring it home last night at the Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant in Philly. And the rest of ASICentral was there to root him on!

Unfortunately for ‘Strap, or the “Human Growler” as he’s known as in beer circles, he came up short again and finished as a co-runner-up to a very deserving Nate “Nugget Nate” Gefvert. It was a tremendous fight and although Nate’s strong early round performances in the beer trivia and taste-testing helped carry him to the title, we all know the name of the individual who brought the house down last night, and it wasn’t Nugget.

By far the performance of the night went to ‘Strap and his petite fiancee Crystal who assisted during the “Propose to Your Favorite Beer” round. Donning a beer costume that covered almost her entire body, Crystal approached a crouching ‘Strap who proceeded to propose to her as if she really were a beer! It was so good, even one of the judges Joe Sixpack paid homage to the magnificence of the performance in his blog today. With lines like “We ended up spending lots of time together, at parties, tailgating and concerts,” and the crowd-pleasing “I brought you home and you let me tap that. I’ve been in love ever since” we all thought you had this thing wrapped up!

Anyway, we’re all proud of the ‘Strap today here at ASICentral. A toast to our geek, our Human Growler … we all know who won last night, big guy.



ASICentral is on Twitter

Filed under: site updates

For those of you on Twitter, you probably need no further explanation — ASICentral now has a Twitter account and you can follow us by clicking here.

But for the throngs of microblogging neophytes and naysayers — this includes you, Michele Bell — I’ll give you a quick rundown of what Twitter is and the benefits of the feature.

Twitter is billed as the fastest-growing social networking application in cyberspace and it’s built on a single premise: What Are You Doing Now?

Twitter users can let others in their online community know what they are up to by sending short, punchy posts — or “Tweets” — via their computer or cell phones. The recipients can then respond back with their own tweets. Best of all, posts can be only 140 characters long so there’s an emphasis on brevity.

Still confused? OK, lemme drop a hypothetical on ya:

Some of the ASICentral contingent attended the ASI Show NY this past week to set up the Radio Show broadcast.  They also got to have fun and socialize with all the others at the show. The following could be some of the tweets we send:

  • “Radio Show Day 1 archive now live! Listen here”
  • “asi show floor is packed …”
  • “Hanging with ’30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan in Times Square!”

And yes, you can include links in your tweets!

So, that’s Twitter in a nutshell. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on what the gang here at ASICentral is up to, what we’re working on, how we’re feeling, etc … then click here to join. If you’re already a member, then start following us now.

And for a video tour of Twitter, don’t miss this YouTube video, Twitter in Plain English.


ASI Show Videos – One Stop Shop

Filed under: The ASI Show, Video

We’re all about convenience here at ASICentral. Want to watch all the videos from the ASI Show New York in one place? Look no further than below.

–WeaverD’sDeliciousFineFoods (“automatic for the people”)

ASI Show New York: Day 1 and Day 2 Highlights

Filed under: The ASI Show

The ASI Show New York has wrapped and we’ve got some highlights from Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 1:

  • ASI Internet Radio Show – Special guest ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews, interviews with suppliers from the show floor, and a game show including hoops (at right) and some prizes.
  • The Joe Show – Zany Counselor managing editor combs the show floors for new products and finds, among other things, a finger tip waver and a giant rubber golf ball.
  • Fashion Finds – Stitches’ Editor Nicole Rollender is back from maternity leave and looking for the hottest new wearables in the industry. Check out some cool apparel, including an eco-friendly bag.
  • Networking at Post-Show Reception – How did attendees like Day 1 of the show? And what is everyone up to in the Big Apple on Monday night? Joe Haley’s on the case.

Day 2:

  • How to Appeal to Women Buyers Mary Lou Quinlan, founder of Just Ask A Woman, dishes on how distributors can improve their customer service by appealing to women buyers.
  • The Joe Show – Jugglin’ Joe Haley has seven new products he’d like to show you, including a kinetic wristband and cow bell.
  • Fun from the Show Floor – What was it like on the show floor at ASI New York? Our cameras caught up with suppliers, distributors and one enthusiastic, but not-so-talkative mascot.
  • Photos – Compliments of our friends at ASI Show, 49 high-res beauts for your viewing pleasure!


  • Strong Attendance – Up by more than 7% from last year, the ASI Show New York was a definite success. Read Tim’s Blog and the recent press release about the show.


ASI Show New York: Education Day Videos

Filed under: Education, The ASI Show

For those industry members who couldn’t make this year’s NYC show, class is now officially in session!

Choose from one of the 4 Education Day videos below, and learn from some of the most knowledgable industry experts.

Video 1: New Distributor Advice & Tips

Video 2: Online Marketing Done Right

Video 3: Improving Relationships Between Suppliers and Distributors

Video 4: Improving Relationships Between Suppliers and Distributors Part II

And don’t forget to check out this link for complete ASI Show New York coverage!



Can you pick out ‘Strap and Spice in the image below? You’d be a lot cooler if you could.

ASICentral from the ASI Show New York

Filed under: The ASI Show

The ASI Show New York is in full throttle from the Javits Center and Team ASICentral is there! Well, half of us that is. ‘Strap and Spice are in the Big Apple producing the radio show, capturing video and snapping random pics when they can, while back here in PA Crack and I are serving as Ground Control.

We’ll soon have all kinds of content from the show — like videos, radio show archives, pics, newsletters, etc… And best of all we’ve created an index page on ASICentral for all the content from the show.

Check out the new ASI Show New York home page on ASICentral! The page will be updated often as content comes in, and don’t forget to check the blog too for more.


Wearablesmag Undergoes Facelift

Filed under: site updates, Wearables

Goodbye boring and bland, hello awesome! (Yeah, that’s right.)

After several months of planning, our sister site wearablesmag.com — the online home of Wearables magazine — has finally undergone a long-awaited facelift. Welcome to the new and improved wearablesmag.com.

Gone are the days when the only content from the magazine you could find online were 3 feature stories, the Cheat Sheet and Product Showcase. The newly designed site now offers almost all the content the magazine does, including:

  • Wearables University
  • Business Toolkit
  • Fashion Sense
  • Ask the Advisory Board

And best of all, the upgraded site also offers content not available in print, like multimedia videos and podcasts as well as the Wearables Style newsletter, all accessible from the homepage! (NOTE: You can play the latest videos and podcasts directly on the homepage in our multimedia widgets.)

But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself here. And while you’re at it, take a look at a before and after shot, below:

BEFORE: Bland and Boring

AFTER: Awesome!

–WebSurgeons LTD.

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