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Win $1000! Take the State of the Industry Survey

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Hey ASI members, wanna win a $1,000? In this economy, who wouldn’t?!

Counselor is currently polling professionals in the industry to see how the market did in 2008. We need your input. We’re inviting both suppliers and distributors to take our annual State of the Industry survey. So, please take some time to click the appropriate link below and complete the survey. You’ll be entered into a random drawing to win up to $1,000.

Distributors, vote here.

Suppliers, vote here.

So what are you waiting for? Vote now and you could be a grand richer!

–GRAND daddy

ASICentral Unveils New Legal Section

Filed under: Education, site updates

Promotional products professionals have spoken:

“We want news regarding industry laws and regulations!”

And ASICentral has responded with a new section devoted entirely to the latest information regarding everything Legal, including new rules and regs that can affect ASI members.

For instance, did you know that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has voted to grant a limited one-year stay on legislation meant to tightly regulate the manufacturing of children’s toys and other items? Or that the SEC is reportedly investigating whether ASI member American Apparel (asi/35297) nearly went bankrupt in December? Or that a new proposed law would limit healthcare market sales?

With our new Legal section, you can keep your finger on the pulse of this important segment of the promotional products industry. Check it out here, and come back often for updates.

— A. Esai Central, ESQ.

ASICentral Joins Facebook

Filed under: General, site updates

With Facebook becoming an online social networking juggernaut — my mother’s got a facebook account, and she’s 60! — it was just a matter of time before ASICentral found a home there too.

Welcome to the new Facebook home of ASICentral.com!

Through the new ASICentral Facebook fan page, we can send web site updates and news to all members (“fans”), provide helpful links, broadcast upcoming events, post the latest photos and videos and more, all while encouraging a sense of community. Curious? Become a fan today!

— FanBoySlim

Poll Results: Predicting 1st Quarter Sales

Filed under: Poll Results

Hmmm, I don’t know what to make of the latest poll results on ASICentral. Either we’re all relentlessly pessimistic, or wearing rose-colored glasses because nearly 50% of the 431 votes cast were for two answers on extreme opposite ends of the spectrum pertaining to the following question:

How do you expect your Q1 2009 sales to compare to Q1 2008?

With 7 answer options as follows:

  • Decrease more than 10%
  • Increase more than 10%
  • Decrease 6%-10%
  • Increase 6%-10%
  • Decrease 1%-5%
  • Increase 1%-5%
  • Stay the same

With the economy in recession, I fully expected the results to lean toward the negative, and they do, but they also lean toward the positive as well. Most respondents, 30.39% (131 votes), feel that 1st quarter 2009 sales will decrease more than 10% when compared to 1st quarter 2008. However, the second most respondents, 16.01% (69 votes), feel that sales will increase more than 10%! I realize that the negative outweighs the positive almost 2 to 1, but it’s still an interesting stat.

And this is where I do my famous bottom line routine and try to make sense out of these results.

Bottom Line: With the economy in chaos, a stimulus bill nobody can agree on or make sense of, a housing market that’s in shambles and chimpanzees on the loose, I really don’t think anyone’s sure what to make of their first quarter sales in 2009. The sweet thing is we’ll actually have verifiable results soon on ASICentral in our Research section under Industry Sales. Check back soon for results!

And here’s the visual results of this month’s poll:


ASICentral Goes Green

Filed under: Markets, Research

That’s right, ASICentral now has a home for all things Green!

With the eco-friendly market skyrocketing and industry experts proclaiming it’s no longer a fad but a trend, we here at ASICentral decided it was about time to create a home on our web site dedicated exclusively for the Green market. Click here to find information regarding the eco-friendly trend, including:

  • Latest news
  • Catalogs
  • Videos
  • Timely tips and articles
  • Case studies
  • Eco-friendly terminology
  • Sales tips
  • New items

And much more!

— meanVINgreen

ASI Show Dallas: Day 2

Filed under: The ASI Show

The ASI Show Dallas, Day 2, picked up in the same place as Day 1 … from the portable ASI Radio studios at the Dallas Convention Center. For a half-hour immediately before exhibit booths opened, The ASI Internet Radio team warmed up the crowd and offered up some ideas for how distributors can thrive in 2009. Listen to the archive.

At this morning’s keynote speech at ASI Dallas, author and business consultant Don Hutson shared his entrepreneurial experiences with an energetic audience. Hutson, co-author of The One Minute Entrepreneur, implored distributors in the crowd to have passion for their businesses and make sure to work harder and smarter this year. Watch a video now as Counselor caught up with Don immediately following his speech.

In a Power Session on the trade show floor ASI Dallas, David Fellman offered attendees ideas on how to expand their businesses from print and forms into the ad specialty market. Counselor caught up with Fellman immediately after his session to find out some ideas on how distributors can expand their businesses. Watch the video here.

Counselor was on the prowl this morning for the most unique and interesting items on the ASI Dallas show floor. Managing Editor Joe Haley even located a cooler-scooter.  Watch the Joe Show Day 2 here.

And finally, ASI’s Joe Haley interviews attendees at the conclusion of the ASI Show Dallas, 2009! Watch the video here.

Hope you enjoyed the coverage.

Reporting remotely from Trevose, PA …


ASI Show Dallas: Party Time!

Filed under: The ASI Show

Well, I wouldn’t have believed it with my own eyes, but apparently ASICentral’s multi-talented designer/radio engineer/brewmeister Steve “Chinstrap” Hawk is also a hit on the dance floor! (Well, at least in his own mind.) 

In this video from the famed ASI Show Gala, held Thursday night at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in Dallas, not only does Chinstrap don the ASI TV mic like a seasoned television reporter, but he gets down like Diddy, Line Dance-style. Watch a video of the ‘Strap schmoozin’ the ladies while learning some southern dance moves. Yee-haw, go on with your big self, Steve-O! Watch the video here.

And if that’s not enough party video for ya, check out this clip of ASI’s Melinda Ligos and Joe Haley interviewing other folks at the famed ASI Show Gala!

Stay tuned for coverage from the official Day 2 of The ASI Show Dallas!

Reporting remotely — and jealously — from Trevose, PA …


ASI Show Dallas: Day 1

Filed under: The ASI Show

The first official day of the ASI Show Dallas kicked off in fine fashion as the ASI Internet Radio gang broadcast live from the Dallas Convention Center. The rousing show included special guests discussing the economy, a game show, commentary from suppliers on the show floor with the Joe Show’s very own Joe Haley, and much more! Didn’t catch the show? Listen to the archive of the ASI Dallas Show Dallas Day 1 now!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a big shout-out to Chinstrap and Spice, two of ASICentral’s finest down in Big D, who make the radio show tick. I just want to let you guys know, we’re all counting on ya! (And you came through again. Leslie Nielsen would be proud.)

Once the Radio Show wrapped, the ASI Show floor opened and the cameras were on! Don’t miss the following videos from Day 1:

  • ASI President and CEO Tim Andrews found some cool new products at the ASI Show Dallas that can be sold to clients. Watch the video here.
  • Tim Andrews also reports from the booth of supplier Spirit Hand Line at the ASI Show Dallas. Watch the video here.
  • The Joe Show’s Joe Haley reports from the ASI Show Dallas floor on Day 1 with 6 hot new products including square water bottles and s’mores kits. Watch the video here.
  • ASI’s Melinda Ligos interviews ASI Show Dallas attendees during Day 1. Watch the video here.
  • Counselor’s Andy Cohen interviews ASI Chairman Norman Cohn during the ASI Show Dallas. Watch the video here.

Stay tuned for coverage from the official Day 2 of The ASI Show Dallas!

Reporting remotely from Trevose, PA …


ASI Show Dallas: Education Day Videos

Filed under: The ASI Show

With the economy reeling, now’s the time for professional self-improvement and to keep on top of the latest industry trends. What better way to learn about the industry and to hone your skills than with Education Day at The ASI Show!

From Dallas, the first unofficial day of the show saw all member types attending education sessions ranging from New Distributor workshops like 8 Biggest Mistakes Distributors Make, to Supplier Clinics like 10 Easy Ways to Boost Your ESP Online Visibility.

And ASI TV was there capturing interviews with session instructors.

Don’t miss:

  • Counselor’s Andy Cohen interviews Ash City’s Howard Headden and Chris Clark during Education Day. Headden and Clark presented during the Wearables University classes and talked a bit about the Green Market.  Watch the video here.
  • ASI’s Joe Haley interviews Target Graphics’ Tom Vann after his Education Day session on T-shirt Decoration. In this video Tom talks about the hottest trends today in T-shirts. Watch the video here.
  • Counselor Editor Andy Cohen interviews Lauron Sonnier after her Education Day lunchtime talk on Marketing Watch the video here.
  • Counselor Editor Andy Cohen interviews Rosalie Marcus after her education day session titled “The Eight Biggest Mistakes Distributors Make.” Watch the video here.
  • ASI’s Melinda Ligos interviews attendees at the first-ever Women’s Networking session. Watch the video here.

Stay tuned for coverage from the official Day 1 of The ASI Show Dallas!

Reporting remotely from Trevose, PA …



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