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Wearables Apparel Design Awards

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Here it is not even 2009 yet and already we’ve got our first Awards listings of the new year!

Hot off the press, the 2009 Wearables Apparel Design Awards page is now live and available on ASICentral.com by clicking here.

In this second annual awards program, Wearables — one of our seven magazines (www.wearablesmag.com) — went in search of the most attractive and functionally designed apparel and ad specialty accessories to hit the market. The following are the categories represented in the awards:

  • Best Accessory
  • Best Embellishment
  • Organic Apparel & Accessories
  • Outerwear
  • Performance Polos
  • Recycled or Repurposed Apparel & Accessories
  • Trendy Hats
  • Use of Color in Apparel & Accessories
  • Woven/Button-Front Shirt & Blouses
  • Readers’ Choice Award

So, what are you waiting for?! Check out the Wearables Apparel Design Awards now!


Poll Results: The Forecast Calls for Pain

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If the latest poll results on ASICentral.com are a harbinger of the industry’s future health, then batten down the hatches, mateys, because it looks like it’s gonna be a stormy start to 2009.

On Nov. 19, the following question was asked: When do you believe industry revenues will turn positive again?

Just 14 of the 207 respondents (6.76%) believe the industry will turn around in the 1st quarter of 2009, and only an additional 47 respondents (22.71%) believe it’ll turn by the second quarter of 2009. Collectively, that’s less than 1/3 of all votes, surely a sign that the worst might be yet to come.

Most of our respondents (74, 35.75%) do believe that the second half of 2009 is when this thing will turn around, however, it wasn’t overwhelming. Coming in a very close second, 72 respondents (34.78%) think this will last until 2010.

Bottom line: Aye, carumba!

Visual Results:

But since it’s the holiday season and we don’t like to rain on anyone’s parade, I figured I’d add a poll to lighten things up.

Go to ASICentral.com now and vote for your favorite holiday song! And make sure you all have your umbrellas handy … for a while.


New Impressions Study Home

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A few weeks back, at the ASI Power Summit 2008 to be exact, a formal announcement was made about the release of a groundbreaking new study. ASI’s Advertising Specialties Impressions Study revealed that promotional products beat out all forms of TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective form of advertising available.

And now, the study and all its peripheral coverage has its very own home on ASICentral.com!

Under our “Research” tab, The Impressions Study is now forever immortalized! Check it out here.


ASI Behind-the-Scenes Video: Photo Shoot

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Ever wonder what it’s like to sit in on a real, live fashion photo shoot? The dark corners, flashing cameras, quirky characters, trendy wardrobes and … models!!!

Well, stop wondering and check out the brand-new video from Fashion Sense, where Your Stitches and Wearables Editor Nicole Rollender takes us for an intimate look behind-the-scenes of a magazine photo shoot from ASI headquarters in Trevose, PA. And this video has it all, from the interviews with the movers and shakers that make a photo shoot happen, to the studio labyrinth, props and, yes, even a model! (And a gorgeous one, too!)

Check it out here!

— cal-VIN-klein

Commenting is here!

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In junior high school, I had a history teacher that absolutely despised comments from what he considered the “pre-pubescent peanut gallery” — or, in layman’s terms, his students. He taught, we listened, that was it. Any questions or comments were turned aside and directed to, of all things, the book. “All the answers can be found in the book,” he’d groan. Then he’d go on lecturing straight from … well, the book. Which made all of us little “peanuts” wonder if he had any formal teaching training at all. (He didn’t, it turned out … aah, the ’80s.)

My how things have changed in 20 years!

Today in the information age, comments are good, comments work, comments cultivate … conversation, understanding and thought and encourage audience interaction. And yes, comments have come to ASICentral.com!

As part of ASICentral.com‘s ongoing upgrade, users are now offered the option to post comments and rate pieces of content in our Hot Markets section, and will gradually be offered this feature in all of ASICentral’s content areas, such as press releases, magazine articles, etc …

But for now, please take a look at the feature, for example, on the bottom of this Hot Markets article page. (NOTE: must be logged into ASICentral.)

How to Use Rating & Commenting:

  • Find comments block (see image, above) at the bottom of content page
  • Rate: Hover over one of the 5 stars in “Your Rating” and click mouse (5 being highest of value)
  • Comment: Type in the text field for “Your Review”
  • Submit: Hit “Submit” to post, “Clear” to clear the comment and rating fields.

It’s that simple!

Check back often to see if your comments have bred any conversation. And post as many times as you’d like. It’s all good.

Like the comments/ratings, hate them? Let us know what you think … send us a note at feedback@asicentral.com and tell us what you think.


Distributors, listen up!

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With enough economic doom and gloom going around already, you might be wondering, “Hey, when are we gonna hear some good news?”

How about right now!!

Counselor PromoGram is launching a Gearing Up For ’09 video series this week, which will offer distributors some tips for kickstarting their 2009 business now.

Throughout the month of December, each week Counselor‘s Editor Andy Cohen will offer different strategies – from tax planning and supplier paring to client visits and budget cuts – that cover a broad array of disciplines within distributor businesses.

This week’s installment: Evaluating your business. Click here for some sage advice from Andy and Editor-in-Chief Melinda Ligos, and check back each week for additional installments throughout the month of December.

— DieselV, Greenspan Associates LLC

Wrapping up an Exciting Awards Year at ASI

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Now that 2008 is nearly over, ’tis the season to … reminisce.

And what better way to do that than to rewind through some of the great awards ASI presented throughout the year.

The following is a one-stop shop for the entire calendar year of all the ASI awards – in the order in which they took place – including award details and links to all the coverage. Enjoy!

–Deez L  


Award Details: The Counselor Distributor Choice Awards program was established in 2001 to name and celebrate the most-valued ASI suppliers in the advertising specialty industry, as determined by ASI distributors.

Supplier of the Year: Journalbooks (asi/91340)



Award Details: Counselor went in search of the best designed promotional products, where they name winners in 12 different product categories ranging from apparel, bags and calendars to desk accessories, electronics and watches. These are the products that most successfully combine an attractive look along with functionality that appeals to discerning promotional buyers.

Apparel Winner: In Your Face Apparel (asi/62494)



Award Details: A Counselor Award is the ultimate in recognition. They are presented annually to the select few individuals whose contribution in the preceding 12 months has been far-reaching and of significance to the industry as a whole.

2008 Counselor Person of the Year: Jack Teague, BIC Graphic USA, (asi/40480)



Award Details: The 2008 edition of Counselor’s exclusive listing of the distributors and suppliers with the most industry revenues during 2007.

Top Supplier: Broder Bros. Inc. (asi/42090)

Top Distributor: Bensussen-Deutsch & Associates Inc. (BDA) (asi/91340)




Award Details: To honor creativity and business success – and the sales and marketing efforts that lead to such performance – the ASI Spirit Awards were designed. In categories ranging from fastest-growing company and best self-promotion to best print and online advertisement and most innovative product of the year, we’ve identified some of the best marketers and sales companies in the industry today – both suppliers and distributors.

Fastest Growing Supplier: Impressline (asi/62479)

Fastest Growing Distributor: Level 2 Sportswear Inc. (asi/252696)



Award Details: Meet some of the most unique, attention-getting, inspiring, creative and downright interesting people in the industry, as culled by Counselor magazine.



Award Details: Earlier this year, Counselor set out on a mission to find the companies in the industry where employees simply love to come to work every day, as voted on by the employees themselves.


Best Place to Work, 2008: iClick, Seattle, WA



Award Details: Counselor magazine ranks the most influential people in the advertising specialty industry, presented at the ASI Power Summit.


Industry’s Most Influential Person, 2008: Marty Lott, SanMar (asi/84863)


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