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Crunching the Counselor Power 50

Filed under: ASI Power Summit 2008

On Monday night, the Counselor Power 50 was announced during the ASI Power Summit 2008 from Palm Beach, Fl, with the top slot going to Marty Lott of SanMar. The following are a few interesting tidbits from the list:

  • Biggest climb up the list from 2007 rank: Jay Baitler, Staples Contract Division (from 39 to 9)
  • Biggest climb up the list from being unranked in 2007: Craig Calloway, eCompanyStore (19)
  • Biggest drop down the list from 2007 rank: Ray Titus, Embroidme.com (from 10 to 21)
  • Biggest drop off the list: Dennis Multack, Corp. Express Promo Mktg (from 15 to unranked)
  • Last year’s #1, Paul Lage of Norwood, drops only 2 spots to #3
  • Counselor‘s 2008 Person of the Year, Jack Teague is also Mr. Steady: ranked #4 two years in a row
  • Number of companies on the list that were not ranked in 2007: 11

Counselor’s own Andy Cohen took the time to interview some of the Power 50. Check out the interview by clicking here.

For more about the Power 50, listen to Andy Cohen talk about the list in out archived radio show from Tuesday.

And for all things Power Summit, click here.


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