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Video Highlights, ASI Power Summit 2008 Day 1

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Well, the ASI Power Summit 2008 is in full effect in sunny, warm Palm Beach, Fl, and we have some of the video highlights from Day 1.

First, Managing Editor and Joe Show celeb Joe Haley introduces the locale for this year’s Power Summit, The Breakers in Palm Beach. Joe drops a little knowledge on us about the history of The Breakers, what the amazing facility has to offer guests and some picturesque views of palm trees, sunshine and surf.

To see the video, click here.

(Hey Joe, I hope you had time to grab a drink or two down by the pool! We’re freezing this morning up in Philly!)

Next, Melinda Ligos interviews ASI’s President and CEO Tim Andrews during Sunday night’s cocktail party. To no one’s surprise, the early buzz is all about the economy, but, according to Tim, optimism is high.

Click here to find out two chief strategies Tim has for success in 2009.

Melinda Ligos continued interviewing folks at the 2008 Power Summit, and she received some interesting feedback.

Click here to find out some interesting points of views, including how members are weathering the economic storm, 2009 outlooks and more!

And Finally, Andy Cohen speaks with Counselor magazine’s Person of the Year, Jack Teague of BIC Graphic, USA, after Teague’s opening night interview.

Teague discussed, among other things, the economy and the outlook for 2009 and how distributors and suppliers can stay ahead of the curve.

Click here to watch the interview with Jack Teague.

Don’t miss a beat! Catch all the ASI Power Summit videos, photos and more by clicking here.



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