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Cabaret Night at ASI

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karaoke jammy-jams just ain’t my bag, baby. something about getting up on stage after a few drinks and trying to croon like you’re a rat-packer just never appealed to me. the bad speaker systems, cheesy lighting, obtrusive teleprompter — i don’t know, but it all just seems so … amateur. like jim carrey in ‘the cable guy’ belting out starship’s ‘somebody to love,’ it can be mildly entertaining at first but ultimately takes a turn for the worst.

so you can imagine my expectations for thursday’s ASI Cabaret Night were, to say the least, lower than the DOW lately. even with ‘American Idol I’ runner-up justin guarini in the house acting as the MC of song, i still wasn’t buying into the karaoke kool-aid.

but i went, and i’m glad i did, because the end result was nothing short of unexpected, and there were a number of highlights, including:

  • the joe show’s joe haley busting out a smooth rendition of frank sinatra’s “my way”
  • the village people’s “ymca” sung by a who’s who of ASI’s movers and shakers
  • lil spice drinking wine from a coffee cup
  • jim “beam” maratea getting his grand funk railroad on

and last, but not least

  • my boss rich fairfield doing his best robert palmer “addicted to love” impersonation, with huge assistance from the ladies of editorial

oh, and did i mention i just happened to have my camera with me? which leads me to the meat & potatoes of this post … PICS! enjoy. (click on images for larger, high-res versions)

–Gonzo Journ Diesel S. Thompson

Diesel, Chinstrap, Crack, Jolly and Lil Spice

Diesel S, Chinstrap, Crack, Jolly and Lil Spice

The Great Joe Haley, in Frank Sinatra mode, with some crazed gonzo journalist

Lil Spice with ASI CEO Tim Andrews

Lil Spice with ASI CEO Tim Andrews


Poll Results: I Guess We’re in a Recession, Huh?

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So I’m sitting in my cube today contemplating a wicked case of feathered ’80s Flock of Seagulls hair (don’t ask), when I checked up on the ASICentral.com homepage poll question.

Hate to say it, folks, but given the downward state of the economy (the DOW is down how much today?!!) and our recent poll results, it looks as if we’re smack in the throes of the dreaded “R” word: RECESSION. Not that you needed further proof that things out there are bad, but the following question was placed on ASICentral.com on Oct. 24:

How has the tightening of credit markets in the U.S. impacted your business?

With the results being:

Of the 213 respondents, more than three-quarters of you believe that the tightening of the credit markets has had a somewhat negative or severe negative impact on your business.

Bottom line: Not so good, Al (Warning: that was an obscure Happy Days/Weezer reference – it’s ok if you didn’t get it because it barely makes sense).

But just like fashion trends and bad hair-dos, the economy is cyclical and should, like every opposing force in this universe, inevitably swing back like a pendulum against it’s opposite. Or so I’m hoping, despite the Fed’s warning this thing will probably persist for more than a year.

But I’m Mr. Positive (!) and can’t imagine it’ll go on that long. In fact, if you agree with me, or even disagree with me, I’ve put up a new poll on ASICentral asking when do you believe the economy will shift. So make your voice heard! Click on the image below and vote at the bottom of that link:

And let’s all hope the dreaded “R” word — along with my bad haircut — is soon a thing of the past.

— AFlockofCentral

Find it Fast … ASI Video! (No, Seriously)

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Video killed the radio star years ago (well, 1979 to be exact, by a Brit band called The Buggles), but you’d never know it if you logged onto the old ASICentral.com. Users were more likely to find the ASI Internet Radio page than a comprehensive list of the plethora of videos ASI has to offer.

Well, worry not, O siren of the celluloid, because those days are over!

For the latest and greatest in ASI video and audio goodness, simply go to www.asicentral.com/videos to find all our current and archived webcasts. From zany Joe Haley’s The Joe Show and weekly news Promogram videos, to educational webinars and podcasts, we’ve got tons of streaming media at your beck and call. Our running archive spans a year’s worth of webcasts, including the following topics:

And they’re all presented on unique, identifiable media home pages in our very own customized widgets. So what are you waiting for, O wunderkind of the webcast? Log on now and get your video awwwn!

And remember, my friend, at ASI “You aaaare, the Video Staaaaar.”


PS-Got any questions, comments or suggestions, or just want to drop us an idea for video? We’d love to hear from ya – just send an email now to feedback@asicentral.com.

Chicago Hotel Contest, Take Two

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Dreading a little Thanksgiving excursion out to a relative’s place in Chicago this holiday season, are ya? Having nightmares about your father-in-law Harry’s pull-out sofa and the stench of 25 years of cigar smoke you’ll inevitably inhale while sleeping on it?

Well, fear not my familial phobic friend! ASI has the answer for you.

Chicago Hotel Contest Part Deux is coming Tuesday, Nov. 18!

Spoils: One entry will be selected from the qualifying entries and awarded a two-night stay at the Omni Hotel in Chicago valued at $600.

How to play: Easy! Log onto ASICentral.com on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 10:30 a.m. and listen to the weekly ASI Internet Radio Show. A secret word will be disclosed during the 30-minute show – once you’ve learned it, fill out the form and voila! You’re entered! Simple as that.

Go to www.asicentral.com/radio for more details, and don’t forget to log on this Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. EST. Your holiday spirit — not to mention your health and sanity — depends on it.


Power Pics

Filed under: ASI Power Summit 2008

The ASI Power Summit 2008 is over and the photo gallery is now (finally!) complete with the addition of the Power 50 and Dinner pics from Monday night. Click here for all images. Enjoy! –vnd

Answer: $0.004

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OK, if the answer is four-thousandth of a dollar, you certainly must be asking what on Earth the question must be, right? Here you go:

“Question: What is the average CPI (cost per impression) of an advertising specialty item?”

For the laymen, this means a promotional product — or ad specialty — costs just a fraction of a cent when compared to the average amount of times it’s worn/used per month.

This statistic along with many others was revealed during ASI’s 2008 Power Summit at the unveiling of the long-awaited Advertising Specialties Impressions Study. And if you haven’t read this, what are you waiting for!? Go to www.asicentral.com/study to read the entire report.

More interesting stats from this study:

  • Writing instruments are the most-recalled advertising specialty item
  • Bags made the highest number of impressions (approximately 1,038 per month) followed by caps (approximately 476 per month)
  • The majority (81%) of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful

And tons more!

For more on the study, watch a clip from the Power Summit, where Andy Cohen interviews Melinda Ligos — the presenter of the data — and asks her about some of the more interesting data from the study.

Watch the video here, or below.


Video Highlights, ASI Power Summit 2008 Day 2

Filed under: ASI Power Summit 2008

The following is our video highlights from Day 2 of the ASI Power Summit 2008, Palm Beach.

Counselor Editor Andy Cohen interviews several members from the 2008 Counselor Power 50 list, including David Woods, Chuck Fandos, Jo-An Lantz and more .

To see the video, click here.

ASI President and CEO Tim Andrews discusses some of the emerging trends in the industry after an all-morning session at the ASI Power Summit.

Click here to watch the video.

Andy Cohen interviews Joyce Johnson-Miller after her panel discussion about attracting investors.

Click here to watch the video.

Want more videos? Click here!


Crunching the Counselor Power 50

Filed under: ASI Power Summit 2008

On Monday night, the Counselor Power 50 was announced during the ASI Power Summit 2008 from Palm Beach, Fl, with the top slot going to Marty Lott of SanMar. The following are a few interesting tidbits from the list:

  • Biggest climb up the list from 2007 rank: Jay Baitler, Staples Contract Division (from 39 to 9)
  • Biggest climb up the list from being unranked in 2007: Craig Calloway, eCompanyStore (19)
  • Biggest drop down the list from 2007 rank: Ray Titus, Embroidme.com (from 10 to 21)
  • Biggest drop off the list: Dennis Multack, Corp. Express Promo Mktg (from 15 to unranked)
  • Last year’s #1, Paul Lage of Norwood, drops only 2 spots to #3
  • Counselor‘s 2008 Person of the Year, Jack Teague is also Mr. Steady: ranked #4 two years in a row
  • Number of companies on the list that were not ranked in 2007: 11

Counselor’s own Andy Cohen took the time to interview some of the Power 50. Check out the interview by clicking here.

For more about the Power 50, listen to Andy Cohen talk about the list in out archived radio show from Tuesday.

And for all things Power Summit, click here.

Video Highlights, ASI Power Summit 2008 Day 1

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Well, the ASI Power Summit 2008 is in full effect in sunny, warm Palm Beach, Fl, and we have some of the video highlights from Day 1.

First, Managing Editor and Joe Show celeb Joe Haley introduces the locale for this year’s Power Summit, The Breakers in Palm Beach. Joe drops a little knowledge on us about the history of The Breakers, what the amazing facility has to offer guests and some picturesque views of palm trees, sunshine and surf.

To see the video, click here.

(Hey Joe, I hope you had time to grab a drink or two down by the pool! We’re freezing this morning up in Philly!)

Next, Melinda Ligos interviews ASI’s President and CEO Tim Andrews during Sunday night’s cocktail party. To no one’s surprise, the early buzz is all about the economy, but, according to Tim, optimism is high.

Click here to find out two chief strategies Tim has for success in 2009.

Melinda Ligos continued interviewing folks at the 2008 Power Summit, and she received some interesting feedback.

Click here to find out some interesting points of views, including how members are weathering the economic storm, 2009 outlooks and more!

And Finally, Andy Cohen speaks with Counselor magazine’s Person of the Year, Jack Teague of BIC Graphic, USA, after Teague’s opening night interview.

Teague discussed, among other things, the economy and the outlook for 2009 and how distributors and suppliers can stay ahead of the curve.

Click here to watch the interview with Jack Teague.

Don’t miss a beat! Catch all the ASI Power Summit videos, photos and more by clicking here.


How to Use Photo Gallery Widgets

Filed under: Education

ASICentral will be launching its first customized photo galleries next week during the ASI Power Summit in Palm Beach, FL. The following are some basic instructions on how to use our slideshow photo gallery tools, or “widgets”, once they are live on the Web site:

Each gallery is set up as a slideshow, which means the photos can automatically filter through at a predefined pace – for example, 3 seconds – that can be activated and adjusted by the user. But first, the user must start the gallery slideshow by clicking on the play button arrow in the center of the gray control at the bottom of galleries.

Here are answers to some basic questions regarding the photo gallery widget’s utility.

NOTE: Just follow the finger!

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