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Quiz Time! Fun vs. Offensive

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I’m a total animal lover, and I just adore this photo of a bunny in a birthday hat. (I asked ASI’s photographer if he got to play with the bunny when he took its picture, and he told me that  this furry little guy was never actually in our photo studio. Too bad.) Anyway, the article that goes with the bunny isn’t too shabby either  – check it out for some quirky selling opportunities.  

So have you ever given a gift or told a joke that you thought was great, only to receive the exact opposite reaction? (You can be honest, ‘cause I already know you have.) Post a comment and tell us all about it, then take this quick quiz to help you do better next time.    – KB

Quiz: Fun or Offensive?
1. To win the business of a client running a hairpiece company, you get the bright idea to send him a bobble-head figurine that has a huge mass of hair to advertise a “Toupee trade-in” sale. This idea is:
a. hilarious! His clients will love it.
b. only a joke meant to lighten the mood in a sometimes sensitive market.
c. totally tacky.

2. You send your card, a brochure and a jar of candy emblazoned with “Happy Tuesday!” to a potential client. They will:
a. think it’s fresh and fun.
b. wonder what’s so special about Tuesday.
c. roll their eyes at such a cheesy gimmick.

3. You send a wooden desk set with a card to celebrate the fifth anniversary of when you began working with a client (wooden items are the traditional wedding gift for fifth anniversaries), along with an anniversary list to encourage them to do the same for their clients. They will:
a. think it’s a clever way to connect with clients.
b. be puzzled as to why you gave them a wedding-style gift.
c. be offended that you would insinuate your business relationship is as important as a marriage.

4. To revive a client’s ordering, you send a condolence card and small gift to his office with a note stating, “I haven’t heard from you in a while; did I miss your obituary?” They will:
a. likely touch base with you soon – you’re obviously attention-getting!
b. feel shocked for a moment, and then realize you’re just trying to get their attention. They may or may not respond.
c. feel offended that you should make light of death and never call you again.

5. A client hasn’t ordered in a while, so on January 16, you drop off an empty gift box with a note that says, “Happy National Nothing Day! I’d love to change this with an order from you!” They will:
a. realize they haven’t ordered in a while and likely place an order soon.
b. wonder why you’re giving them an empty gift and go with a different rep.
c. feel offended that you’re pushing them to buy.

c. Hair replacement impacts men differently. While men who are okay with hair loss might see this as harmless fun, most balding men seeking hair replacement would be offended.
2. a. While senses of humor vary, most people like receiving candy, even if a few don’t get the joke.
3. a. Since it’s not a personal type of gift, no one would think you’re equating marriage with a business relationship.
4. b./c. Unless you know the client very, very well, avoid joking about serious matters. If you know the client well, you shouldn’t need to take risky measures to solicit a response.
5. b./c. A gift bag lends the anticipation of a gift inside. Most people would feel let down to receive nothing. Although that may be how you feel about the loss of business you’ve experienced, don’t take it out on your client.

All 5 correct: You’re a promotional whiz at oddball occasions!
3-4 correct: You have a good sense of the quirky, but be careful how you use it.
0-2 correct: Before trying these on clients, run your oddball ideas by a colleague who will honestly appraise them.


  1. Nick Says:

    Just thought you may find our free quiz tool useful:

    Thursday October 16, 2008
  2. pete Says:

    i love bunnies.

    Friday October 17, 2008
  3. Mimose Says:

    kalispera zw stin germania molis nokiaisa diamerisma.to mpanio den exei xrwma oi toixoi einai asproi kai genika ola aspra einai arketa megalo mpanio den to les kai mikro ta oikonomika mou den mou epitrepoun na spatalisw polla lefta mipws exetai kamia idea pws mporw na to ftiaksw ?egw proswpika elega na xrisimopoieisw apoxrwseis tou lime ..kai tirkouaz ti lete?

    Thursday November 12, 2015

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